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Creating a feast for the eyes that works as it should!

When creating a successful blog one of the most important things you can do to keep your readers coming back for more, (apart from great content and advice) is to make your blog as professional as it can be. You need to use the right tools to create a blog that stands out from the rest. Your site must be visually appealing! “The first bite is with the eye”. (Old chefs saying….. and No, I don’t know any old chefs!)

Using the right tool for the job is essential. You wouldn’t knock a nail in with a screwdriver would you? The right tool for the job will always produce the best result. Who hasn’t tried to find a free alternative that will do the same job as a paid version? Well….there is a very good reason why Photoshop is an industry favorite, and although it’s not what I would call cheap, it certainly does the job well.

Photoshop has taken photo editing out of the hands of professionals and empowered everyone who uses it with the ability to produce professional looking digitally edited photographs. If you have no experience of using Photoshop it can at first seem very complicated but let me assure you that in no time at all you’ll have it licked.

Learning the basics doesn’t take too long and to make a start the basics are all you’re gonna need. I have made all the graphics for my blog so far and any photographs I have downloaded and used for my site have been optimized to increase the loading speed of my pages using Photoshop. Now….I’m not on commission from Adobe, (I wish) and if you can find a cheaper version of software that does the same job as Photoshop then good luck. This is just my humble opinion.

When you first publish your blog and you’re trying to build interest online and encourage new subscribers you’re gonna want your blog pages or web pages to load ASAP. This is because no one wants to wait around for a web page to load or images to load when the can just go to an alternative.

It’s essential to have good quality images that you can optimize. You don’t want your readers to go elsewhere. Your content is good, your products are good, it would be a shame to lose a reader due to poor page construction.

Have a shop around and see if you can get a good deal on Photoshop or any other image editing software. You’re definitely gonna need it in the coming weeks and months so as I have said previously, think of this as an investment in your future.

While I’m on the subject of images for your web page or blog can I just mention that all the images I use are royalty free and can be downloaded from the following link. Go and have a browse. They have some great images. Don’t forget to give the photographer a mention. When I use an image I like to give credit to the publisher on social media.

If you have any questions or would like to see a specific subject here, please leave me some feedback or a comment. All requests are welcome.

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