Internet Marketing to monetize your blog

You can Monetize your blog and here’s how!

How to start Monetizing your blog.

To “Monetize Your Blog” you’re gonna have to find your niche. This is where a lot of people starting out will struggle. I know I did! The first thing to think about is what you really love to talk about. Being passionate about your subject….whatever it may be, is the key to success. If you’re passionate about your blog and it’s content you’ll be happy to blog about it.

Passion alone is not gonna make your fortune. You’re gonna need something that will monetize. If you’re passion doesn’t monetize well then you’re gonna struggle. Make a list of things that you’re interested in and make a list of things that are trending on google. Try to overlap the two so that something that’s trending is on your list of passions. then you’ll succeed.

Time to generate traffic.

When you find something you’re passionate about and you want to blog about consistently, the next thing to do is generate traffic to your site. Generating traffic to your blog is the key to monetizing it. There are some subjects that you feel passionate about but they just wont monetize well. When your blog gets a lot of traffic you’ll turn your passion into dollars. It’s that simple. You want your passion to generate interest and not be just a passing phase or you’re not gonna make any money.

Be an expert in your field.

When you have found your niche, be an expert. Stick to what you know. Research all the is to know. Offer more detailed information than your competitors. Cover everything you can in your blog about the subject you’re passionate about. There’s an old phrase, “Jack of all trades….Master of none!” You want to know your stuff and know it well if you want others to listen and learn from you.

So….have a think. Write down what you’re interested in and find your niche. Find a niche that’s gonna generate traffic and you can start to Monetize Your Blog!

If you have any questions or would like to see a specific subject here, please leave me some feedback or a comment. All requests are welcome.

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