Choosing a domain host

The Choice is all Yours!

When choosing a domain host there are a few things to consider. Try to remember things like speed, security and of course technical support.

What is your domain going to be used for? Is the traffic going to increase? Do you need 24/7 support? All very important considerations.

Don’t rush in to making any rash decisions that you may regret later. Do some research. Try paying monthly at first. It may be slightly more expensive but it’s better than signing up for a year and then feeling trapped with a hosting service you’re not happy with.

The next thing to consider is what type of hosting you will need. Shared hosting is great for small to medium sites. This means that a server will be shared between many users or many domains. This is a great place to start for your first blog.

If the number of subscribers and traffic to your site has increased then it may be time to move on from a shared server and try a VPS which stands for Virtual Private Server. This can be a good middle ground. A single server is divided in to multiple virtual machines which act like dedicated servers. Customers who use a VPS still share a server but will enjoy a much larger portion of that server.

Eventually…as your popularity grows….and it will, you will look toward getting a dedicated server or even multiple dedicated servers. This means that you will have the entire server to yourself. Dedicated servers don’t come cheap and dedicated hosting plans are among the most expensive options available. On the plus side, dedicated servers can come with the benefit of top of the range hardware, 24/7 support and automatic backups.

So….I recommend determining what sort of domain you’re gonna need and then doing some research to find an appropriate host.

Finally….if you’re gonna be using your domain for blogging as I am, I would consider a WordPress Web Host. Most reputable domain hosts will offer an option to install and use WordPress but the best will offer WordPress expertise and support.

The choice is yours….go and choose wisely and I will see you for the next blog update.

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