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Using Google Analytics to understand your traffic.

Should you install Google Analytics in your WordPress website? Well, it’s an excellent and totally free tool to see what your audience are viewing and what is popular on your site. I think it’s a must for the success of your online marketing business!

The best way to know your audience is to analyze your traffic. This is where Google Analytics comes in.

Now that you have started your blog and you are actively adding content you will be wanting subscribers. Everyone who knows online marketing will tell you that the best way to increasing subscribers is to increase traffic.

Google Analytics will show you who visits your web site, from where in the world using which web browser, to mention just a few. All this data will help to provide you with a picture of what works and what doesn’t. Did I mention that it’s FREE!

How can the information help?

By using the information that Google Analytics provides you can reduce the bounce rate, (users that exit your site after the first visit) and increase your page views. It’s no good having great content if no one stays to read it.

You can use the information to see what time of day you have the most visitors to your site. This can help when it comes to posting new articles. If you post a new article when your site is receiving the most traffic more people will see it. Maximum exposure!

The data provided by Google Analytics will also show where your visitors came from. Did they come from search engines and if they did, which search engine provided you with the most traffic? Did your traffic come from direct links, links from other websites or maybe social media?

Where’s the traffic coming from?

Did your traffic came from social media and if it did what was the source? Was it Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.? Did your traffic come from a direct link from another website? If it did you might want to think about a partnership with the host!

Google Analytics also shows how visitors interact while they are on your site and what links they clicked on.

Having all this information at your finger tips will help when it comes to reaching your target audience effectively.

How to Signup with Google Analytics

Step 1: First you need to create a Google Analytics account. To do this, visit Google Analytics Signup Page.

Step 2: Once you sign-in with your Gmail account, you will be directed to a screen like the one below where you can signup for Google analytics with your Gmail account.

Google Analytics

Step 3: On the next screen, you can choose between a website or mobile app. Make sure you select website.

After that you need to enter account name (It will be the Google Analytics profile name for this website), Website name, website’s URL, country, and the time zone.

Once you have entered this information, click on the Get Tracking ID button. You will be presented with Google Analytics terms and service which you must agree to, so click on the I Agree button.

Step 4: Now you will be presented with your Google Analytics tracking code. You can copy this tracking code because you will need to enter it in your WordPress site depending on the method you use below.

Leave the analytics browser tab open as you may need to go back to it once you have installed the code on your WordPress site.

That’s all there is to it. You have now setup a Google Analytics account!

In my next blog post I will show you how to install Google Analytics as a WordPress plugin. Don’t worry, it’s easy and well worth the very little effort required.

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