Road to Discovery

Well I have now discovered that your latest blog goes to the top of the page. Makes sense when you think about it. Still…this proves that I am brand new to this blogging and I am learning as I go. I think this will give me a better understanding of any problems that you might have along your journey.

If I can over come these initial teething troubles then I should be able to help you over come them too. Where there is a problem to overcome, there is surely a solution.

I managed to display a list of other cool blogs that you can link to. The list of blogs are all part of the Partnership to Success program. You can find the list of blogs in the right hand side column. I recommend you have a look. I will be off to read them myself and get some great ideas from other bloggers for my future blog posts as soon as this has been posted.

Don’t seem to be able to add my blog to the list yet but to be honest with you I don’t think it’s anywhere near ready to share with an online community. I think I will need to speak to Dave Nicholson for advice on that one!

If you have any questions or would like to see a specific subject here, please leave me some feedback or a comment. All requests are welcome.


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