Time to Blog with great content

It’s time to start blogging with great content.

So….You’ve registered your domain name and paid for someone to host your blog. Now it’s time to get your blog started. I’m using OptimizePress. It’s a WordPress Theme and I’m using it to post my blog. I’m finding it very easy to use, despite being an absolute beginner.

The first blog I’ve posted is a Welcome blog. This is to welcome new visitors to my blog and hopefully build an online audience. I’ve then created a page named “About Ian Sharp” where I’ve given my blog readers an insight into my employment history and tried to show people how I’ve ended up here.

OK…now it’s time to add some interesting content. This can sometimes be the tricky part. Knowing what’s interesting to me is all well and good….but knowing what interests the readers of my blog is something that I will have to learn as I receive new subscribers and hopefully generate new traffic.

Generating traffic to your blog is the main point here. I am trying to build a list of subscribers and to do that I need something that interests people. Offering free advice and assistance is always a good way of generating interest in your blog. I’m always happy to receive free advice and I know everyone reading this will be the same as long as the advice is good and it’s free then there’s nothing to lose. People who are experts in a particular subject are usually more than happy to share their knowledge for free. The recognition as an expert is usually what drives them.

I’m fortunate enough to receive advice from my friends who have been Internet Marketing for many years. They are guiding me through these initial stages and providing the light at the end of the tunnel. I have to tell you that without their assistance I probably wouldn’t be here now and the fact that you are reading this proves that their advice is good and that people are reading my blog.

I am here for the long haul. Not because I have invested a relatively small amount of money, and I understand that what might be a small amount of money to me may be a great deal of money to you. I’m here because I have invested my time. Time is the one thing that you can never get back so I must stress that this process will take up your time. A lot of time at first, but hopefully that time will bring success.

I am also getting lots of great ideas from other members of the Partnership to Success training and you can find links to their blogs here on my home page. There are lots of members offering great advice and great ideas for your next blog. Maybe you should check them out.

If you are enjoying the content of my blog it would be great to hear from you in the comments or even better to have you subscribe and I can keep you in the loop.

See you again soon.


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