Understanding how SEO will generate traffic.

Why SEO is so important to you.

First of all, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is crucial to the success of online business. To reach your target audience you should get your page as high up the search engine results as possible. The goal is to be number one and there’s no reason you can’t be.

Being listed by a search engine at the top of the results page or even on the first page of results will generate the greatest amount of traffic to your site. People trust search engines to provide the most relevant results in their searches. It’s what they do. It’s why they exist. Search engines can make you or break you so let’s make them work for you!

How search engines work.

Any search engines primary goal is to deliver results that match requests. When a user types a question or a word in to a search engine they want to be satisfied that the search engine provides relevant results. When building your site it’s important to ask,  “What are my customers looking for and will my site deliver results?”

It’s a well known fact the people are drawn to search results at the top of a results page and certainly on the first results page returned. I know I am and I would think that you are the same. If a search engine does it’s job and does it well, why would you need to look beyond the first page of results?

Learning the basics of SEO.

Learning the basics of SEO is vitally important to your online business. To begin, a search engine uses what is called a crawler or spider. A crawler is a software algorithm that is designed to search pages and determine what it’s all about. It then stores the results in order of relevance to a query.

Without the correct SEO your pages can be invisible to search engines. You want your pages to stand out right? You’re gonna need a clear understanding of limitations and abilities of search engines.

To make sure you get your web pages or blog seen you need traffic. You need to give users who visit your site the ability to share your information and talk about your blog. You need to let the world know about your blog through social media and links back to you from other blogs.

Climbing the ranks of search engines.

There are usually about 10 positions on the first page of results from any search engine. The top ten positions are constantly being fought over by people just like you and me and of course larger investors. The higher up the results you are, the more traffic you’ll get to your pages. That’s why being number one is so desirable. Results convert in to revenue!

In conclusion, search engine algorithms are constantly changing to become more efficient. That’s why SEO is vital for anyone wanting to stay competitive. All websites and blogs are constantly competing for search engine placement. Having the knowledge and skills to improve your ranking will return rewards!

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